SYNOPSIS: After discovering on social media that she's been dumped by her boyfriend, a young woman finds a new love online but is shocked to learn the truth about her new interest.


SOMEONE LIKES YOU the second film I’ve made without a crew. So yes, I wrote, produced, directed, shot, edited the film solo. Given that film is an inherently collaborative medium, it requires, as Liam Neeson might say, “a particular set of skills.” Not the least of which is the ability to multi-task. There are pros and cons to this approach as you can imagine but overall it was a really enjoyable process, and it’s why after making UNSPOKEN, I chose do it again.

The film wasn’t entirely solo of course, there were actors, of course. Gina Rogers plays Monica revisiting the character she played UNSPOKEN. In fact, in some ways this film is a prequel to UNSPOKEN which unfortunately, I can’t dive into for risk of spoiling the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it. That said, Gina did an AMAZING job supporting the arc of the character throughout the film and capturing her emotional journey throughout. The film also stars Ricky Rogers, Gina’s real-life husband and great actor in his own right and even Gina’s mom, Christine makes a cameo. Clearly, talent runs in the family!

That’s about all I can share for now. As of this writing, the film is making its rounds on the festival circuit, in fact, it was just awarded “Semi-Finalist" at the Utah Film Festival! Once its festival run is done, I look forward to sharing it with you. Enjoy!




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